Intake Interview

A confidential interview is conducted by our treatment coordinator. The Advanced Pain Treatment OADUA (also called Opioid Antagonist Detoxification under Anesthesia) process is described. Program requirements, treatment options and fee are discussed.

A preliminary assessment is conducted to insure that the client meets the inclusion criteria. If the client wishes to participate in the Advanced Pain Treatment program, he or she is then scheduled for an appointment with the physician for further evaluation.

If the client does not meet the inclusion criteria, he or she will be offered other treatment options.

Bio-psychosocial Assessment

A full assessment is conducted by a certified addiction counselor. A rehabilitation program is chosen during this interview. Factors that affect the type of program chosen are length and amount of drug use, existence of a support system, medical condition, employment requirements, and previous treatment attempts.

Pre-Procedure Medical Evaluation

All Advanced Pain Treatment patients receive a complete medical history and physical examination by a physician who specializes in addiction medicine prior to the detoxification process.

A pre-detoxification commitment to participate in an on-going rehabilitation program is a mandatory part of the process.