India is today recognized as the medical destination for its convenience, economical prices & its expertise in Medical Science. Drug Dependence Treatment Center has successfully treated patients from Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Middle East, Europe & other parts of the world.

India offers world class medical facilities at economical prices.

India has modern communication facilities.

India has some of the best doctors & surgeons of the world.

Indian doctors are constantly in touch with the world medical community & they offer the latest treatments.

The ultra rapid opiate detox process is generally conducted in a hospital setting and under general anesthesia. In fact, the process is most often overseen by certified and qualified anesthesiologists and nursing staff that specialize in such procedures.

Personalised Services by Experienced Team:

A highly experienced team of resident doctors & staff takes care of patients with personal attention.

World Class Infrastructure & Results:

With modern infrastructure the center is fully equipped to cater to varying needs of the patients.