At NDDRC -Neuropsychiatry and Drug Deaddiction cum Rehabilitation Centre – our goal is to get you through your Detoxification and give you the tools to manage your recovery. The true indicator of success, of course, is maintaining a drug free lifestyle after six months to one year and beyond. Sustained sobriety depends on the most important elements of a recovery program: rehabilitation and aftercare.

People who participate in rehabilitation after rapid detox treatment are much more likely to achieve lifetime abstinence from drug abuse. During our prescreening procedure, we will help you to select the best recovery program based on your medical history, history of addiction and personality type.

Specific Goals:

Eliminate physical dependency on narcotics through either Conventional Detox or the rapid detox procedure.

Begin rehabilitation process as early as possible after the detox procedure is through.

Assess and meet your specific medical needs.

Assess and meet your psychological needs.

Help you overcome the fear and isolation associated with drug or chemical dependency.

Introduce you to the 12 Steps and provide you links to AA/NA programs in your area.

Assist you to resolve any legal issues which may have involved criminal activities.

Help you to become a productive member of society and community work force.

Involve your family and/or significant others in the rehabilitation process. (With your permission).

Develop a therapeutic discharge plan.

Provide you with a relapse prevention program and ultimately guide you to a strong after care program.